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      LoviX Lawyers

Specialists in Property law and Immigration

      Also specialists in Banking, Labour law, Public law and Civil.
Claims: Floor clause,plusvalía (municipal taxes),mortgage expenses..

Get your Nacionality or Residency in Spain



  • Labour Law
  • Public Law
  • Property Law
  • Civil Law
  • Immigration
  • Banking
  • Intelectual Property


Our firm

This company borned to help all of them that need legal advisement in different legal areas.

We have the best professionals to give you a fast and valuable answer to the legal problems that you can have. Big experience and reliability.

We can get the solution to all your legal problems

Buy or sell your house with us

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Phone: +34 96 506 13 14

Cell phone: +34 672 01 01 08

​Whatsapp:  +34 672 01 01 08

Paseo Juan Aparicio 16

Torrevieja (Alicante), 03182

LoviX Abogados


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